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Gland Enterprise Grows in Horticultural Hardware Industry with Persisting in Integrity and Quality

 Gland Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, specializing in the production of forming machines, precision stamping and vibration grinding machine, and strictly implement quality control for the perfection of the products. With the dedication and efforts of the engineers, the production staff and its operational philosophy as “Integrity and Quality”, Gland Enterprise has grown in the horticultural hardware industry step by step to provide quality tools for the clients.

Gland’s boss Mrs. Chen said, “We started with providing OEM service of parts for OTC/ listed companies. Using the advanced technical support from the beginning coupled with Japanese corporates that value quality, we have particularly focused on high quality products since the production of Tapetool started. From molding and stamping to the final product, now we own one-stop operation. Our quality control is better than the industry.”

Gland provides hardware tools for bonding, seaming, cutting, pruning, digging, grafting, collecting etc. and also environmental cleaning and safety equipment for gardening. The main product is Tapetool, it is used to fix the trunk, branches or vines. The plants can be easily fixed in an ideal position by flexible binding, it strengthens the plant growth and makes pick-up more convenient. Gland products are designed for the users, they are not only light and ergonomic, but also suitable for long-term usage. Mrs. Chen regards women are usually the ones looking after the household gardens, considering the palm size/ strength differences between men and women, Gland has designed large/ small sizes of Tapetool for Western/ Eastern male and female users in order to let users of all ages and genders to be able to enjoy the fun of gardening.

Gland created its own brand Sono about 10 ten years ago, and started towards a more professional and more innovative research and development line, aiming to provide the most useful, durable and unique products for our users. Its grafting sector, such as knives and scissors, is particularly exceptional and has won a number of patents. Sono stands for completion, perfection and success, the symbol of the Gland’s spirit which is in pursuit of the best quality. Sono has achieved great success in China, and it’s actively working on the market in Greek.

Gland products are sold all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Asia, Oceania and so on. It is actively promoting in the countries with high population, such as China and India. Mrs. Chen said, “Our next target is Japan. The quality of our products are comparable to those in Germany and Japan, and the price is also a great advantage for us to compete with other brands.”

You may find Gland Enterprise in many well-noted international industrial expos, such as the hardware show in Cologne, India, Taiwan, Mexico and Moscow. Mrs. Chen indicated that Gland focuses on the research and development, the products are with the highest quality, the goal would be joining the innovation awards. It isn’t easy to train and retain the talents, so Mrs. Chen also hopes to start cultivating the successors as early as possible for the sustainable development of Gland Enterprise.

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Capital: 200000 ten thousand USD Year of registration: 1993
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Business: Cutting Pliers, Finger Cutter
Flower & Garden / Garden Tools / Garden Shears / Grass Shears
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